Exhibition area

Salone degli Incanti

The magnificent SALONE DEGLI INCANTI is the heart of the exhibition centre for contemporary and modern art better known as “ex pescheria centrale” and located in riva nazario sauro 1.

The imposing Art Novueau building designed by the local architect Giorgio Polli in 1913 and originally used as a fish market is, in fact, an original and great example of eclectic architecture perfectly integrated with the neighbouring neoclassical building along the town’s river bank. Created specifically for a business requiring an extensive sales floor space, the vast three-section area is toned down by the large windows built on reinforced concrete structures and embellished by nautical-themed decorations reproduced on the bricked and white stoned walls. Overall it resembles a spacious cathedral nicked named by locals “Santa Maria del Guato” with the aim, that is very far from being sacrilegious as it seeks to be noble, to combine utilitas and venustas (functionality and beauty) in an unbreakable bond entirely devoted to the promotion of culture.

It is this very noble venue that, between October, 28th and November, 5th 2017 will host the 35th edition of “Trieste Antiqua” , the international prestigious antiques fair organised by Consorzio Promotrieste in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Associazione degli Antiquari (Association of Antique Dealers).